It’s that time of the week again: v0.3.1 is out.

User visible changes can be found in xussd. As gsm-ussd now supports USSD sessions, xussd was lagging behind. As of this release, xussd can handle USSD sessions, too – after a fashion. After displaying the result of a query, xussd will now request the next query. If you had an USSD session opened, you can now enter the menu entry or data that were requested and wait for the next result.

Please bear in mind that xussd was (is?) a spur-of-the-moment hack as a dialog-based wrapper around gsm-ussd. As such, it it workable, but not very convincing, at least not to me. A better GUI is planned, but quite a way down my list of priorities, so don’t hold your breath.

Other changes in gsm-ussd add better handling of USSD response encodings, thus adding support for ZTE MF100 USB UMTS modem (a.k.a. O2 Prepaid Surfstick), and handling the serial interface without the need for stty(1). This removes an external dependency and saves three processes per gsm-ussd call.

Here are the new files for download:

For an overview of all gsm-ussd downloads, have a look at

The full git repository lies at

Have fun and let me know if i broke something,