Greetings, humans!

The wheel never stops, so there’s a new release of gsm-ussd available:
v0.2.2 is out.

As you might have noticed, there was no announcement for version 0.2.1. That does not mean that I can’t count, just that I’d forget my own head next if it wasn’t screwed on. smiley The files are available for download, too, I just never came around to announcing it…

So what changed since v0.2.0?

  • Some more modems were tested. As some other Huawei modems need PDU mode too, there’s now a list of these modems to check against and automatically choose the right USSD query mode.
  • USSD response codes are shown in debug mode, a USSD response of 1 is reported as „Further action needed“. Some providers seem to build applications around USSD queries that need more than one USSD query to complete. This is now at least reported, but as I have no provider which does something like this, no further testing was possible.
  • If network/equipment errors are reported as numbers, these are translated into an human-understandable error message (in English).
  • Before sending the USSD query, gsm-ussd checks if the modem is registered in a network an aborts if 10 checks show the modem to be unregistered or if it’s not willing/allowed to register. This removes the need for the hardcoded 10 second sleep after entering the PIN.
  • Documentation was updated and now includes some (German) O2 USSD queries.

Here are the downloadable files:

As usual the reminder that the real project is on

Have fun and please report back what works and what breaks!

Bye for now,