I hope you are having a great First of May!

Instead of a maypole I give you gsm-ussd 0.1.2. Nothing much happened with gsm-ussd in itself; if you already have it installed and use it, you probably won’t need version 0.1.2.

The real news are happening in the project infastructure: Running „make rpm“ in the top level directory of the project will create a RPM package in the „packages/“ subdirectory, just like „make tar“ and „make deb“! At this time the package was tested on Fedora Core 12. Please give feedback of success/failure on other RPM-based distributions, if you try it!

Thanks for the quick implementation of the RPM package creation go to Marcel, who wrote the highly useful comments to the 0.1.1 posting. 95% of the work was done by him!

Just as with the DEB package, the following is true too for the RPM package: The tar file contains a few files more than the RPM package, but if you’re not interested in developing gsm-ussd, the RPM package will be easier to install:

# rpm -ihv gsm-ussd-0.1.2-0.noarch.rpm

Here are the downloads:

As a quick reminder: If you’re interested in contributing to gsm-ussd, have a look at the git repository:

Next will be a small GUI based on kdialog and zenity, which will become version 0.2.0.

Have fun,