Hi, everyone,
so now here’s my little project: gsm-ussd.

„gsm-ussd“ is a command to send USSD queries by GSM/UMTS modem. Everyone who owns a cell phone with a prepaid SIM card already knows at least one USSD code: „*100#“. Entering this into your phone as a telephone number will display the current balance of your account – at least here in Germany.
Such USSD queries are quickly done on your cell phone, but with your UMTS modem? Specifically the rebranded Huawei E160 I own? That’s what gsm-ussd is for:

$ gsm-ussd ‚*100#‘

You’ll find that download here: gsm-ussd-0.1.0.tar.gz
Everything else is explained in the programs documentation.

Have fun and mail me your successes and problems!